Training Solutions

Empowered almost three million personnel around the world

Targeted Methods. Quality Training.

Tec-Masters training and instruction has empowered almost three million DoD and civilian personnel around the world. With over 30 years of demonstrated success, we have optimized proven methodologies and models that transform training needs into a knowledgeable, skilled and confident workforce.


Tec-Masters provides exceptionally knowledgeable professional instructors to produce a wide range of training solutions. We have excellent demonstrated capability in designing, developing, producing and delivering training plans, Training Support Packages, and Programs of Instruction.

Experimentation and Wargaming

Tec-Masters supports the Fires Center of Excellence (FCoE) Fires Battle Lab (FBL) in conducting Experimentation and Wargaming. We supply a lead for the experimentation and personnel to provide data collection, training, and analysis during the experiment. The FBL conducts a series of experiments using live, virtual, constructive and gaming experiments, demonstrations, and wargames/seminars. This often involves the use of multiple simulations across the Battle Lab Collaborative Simulation Environment (BLCSE) network.


The FBL relies heavily on the FireSimXXI simulation and the Extended Air Defense Simulation (EADSIM) in this experimentation. The FBL does this to gain insights and assess current, emerging and evolving concepts, technology and materiel initiatives as they relate to the employment of fires in Army, joint, and coalition operations.


Key to success in this effort is using existing technologies in new ways and the continued assessment and development of “electric fires” capabilities, which include directed energy (high energy laser, high power microwaves, etc.), plasma and electrodynamic kinetic energy weapons (i.e. railgun, electro-thermal gun, etc.) technologies used to destroy, degrade, deny or disrupt a threat’s capability. These experiments have implications across the domains of Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership, Personnel, Facilities, and Policy (DOTMLPF-P).

Distributed SImulations

Tec-Masters develops modeling and simulation capabilities to support military distributed simulations. Our experience and expertise with wargaming models used by the Army analytical community resulted in multiple task order awards under the Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) contract.

Instructor Led Training

Tec-Masters provides professional instructors with firsthand knowledge of the instruction content. We hire fully qualified former Training and Doctrine (TRADOC) instructors. All Tec-Masters instructors possess the capability, utilizing training guidance and mission requirements, to develop training plans, Training Support Packages (TSPs), and Programs of Instruction (POIs) to the lowest organizational level designated by the training requirement (Brigade, Battalion, Company, Platoon and Squad). Tec-Masters currently provides instructors to support the Mission Command Arts and Sciences Program (MCASP) at the Fires Center of Excellence (FCoE), in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Online Education

Tec-Masters produces a wide range of training solutions from simple instruction to highly interactive learning for online education. Our typical training products include scenario- and performance-based training and incorporate high-level graphics, videos, simulations, and animations. We have highly skilled and qualified educational specialists, graphic designers, technical writers, computer programmers, and subject matter experts available to produce high quality courseware. We offer the ability to design, develop, produce, and deliver exceptional online educational services compliant with specifications, pamphlets, regulations, and specific guidance provided by our customers.

New Equipment Training

Tec-Masters has extensive experience and expertise in the use of New Equipment Training (NET) teams for the Army, Army National Guard, and the Marine Corps. We recognize that effective project execution is the result of a well-organized and properly supervised team, that the team is comprised of professional instructors who have firsthand experience with the equipment being supported, and is led by a Project Manager with extensive training management experience. Our approach is to hire fully qualified former Training and Doctrine (TRADOC) instructors and then qualify them on all subjects to be taught to the TRADOC standard. Tec-Masters uses multiple training techniques (i.e., platform instruction, hands-on and practical exercises, computer-based training products, and Video-Teletraining) that are suited to the audience to be trained and the nature of the training to be conducted.