Teamwork. Flexibility. Responsivness.

These are the things that set us apart.

Adaptability is our principle strength for the technical needs of our diverse customer base. Tec-Masters’ engineers, senior scientists, software developers and technicians design, develop and prototype with training and skills uniquely suited to any given task.

Flight Payloads

Tec-Masters engineering work with the International Space Station (ISS) involves payload integration, payload operations and post-flight operations.  We work with NASA and ESA hardware developers to integrate experiment hardware into the American and Russian launch vehicles, and the ISS. Our hardware experiment integration includes verification of requirements compliance, testing and analysis, integration documentation support and safety engineering support.


We offer a structured team approach to payload operations support including:

  • Development of crew procedures for installation, setup, execution and removal of investigation hardware;
  • Crew training courseware for investigation hardware operations; and,
  • Real time console operations support

During post-flight operations, Tec-Masters supports payload investigators by performing data analysis, processing of reference ground samples and identifying any lessons learned.

Design and Development

Tec-Masters adopts a structured team approach, assigning personnel based on project-specific requirements. This strategy allows us to promptly address customer needs, optimizing resource utilization while minimizing costs. By maintaining an engineering team with robust core competencies and diverse skill sets, we empower our workforce to overcome disciplinary boundaries and solve intricate engineering issues.

Our methodology facilitates swift execution of design, development, manufacturing, and assembly tasks to fulfill customer requirements. Tec-Masters guarantees the provision of support and resources for our engineering professionals, enabling them to efficiently undertake any design and development project.


Tec-Masters has been representing the interests of researchers to the International Space Station (ISS) Payloads Office and its predecessors for over 20 years. As an example, in performing the Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG) payload integration function for the last 10 years, Tec-Masters has represented all 20+ MSG researchers to the ISS Payloads Office.


This included roles in manifesting, integration, verification, CoFR, safety, and operations including support for procedure development, training and real-time console operations.


Tec-Masters has over 10 years’ experience in representing the commercial research community to the ISS through the Office of Commercial Payloads (OCP) and Space Product Development (SPD) Office. In addition, Tec-Masters supports the DoD on multiple hardware and software projects including MLRS, MILES, RDSIS, SOLD, THAAD and a host of others since 1988.

Digital Engineering

Tec-Masters has recently acquired the ability to create and re-create concepts in a 3D space for further testing.  Such examples include creating 3D models, animation, and training in AR.

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