DoD Program and Project Office Support

Engineering and Technical Expertise

  • Requirements and Design Review: Offers comprehensive expertise in conducting Requirements Reviews, along with Preliminary and Critical Design Reviews. This includes providing scientific and engineering support in the planning, development, and execution stages, ensuring rigorous assessment of technical specifications and design feasibility.
  • Development, Integration, and Testing: Supports the full lifecycle of the Common Fire Control System (CFCS) and Integrated Airburst Capability (IAC) programs, from development through to integration and testing. This involves close collaboration with prime and subcontractors, creation and modification of performance specifications, and provision of technical guidance to meet stringent design requirements.
  • Design Change Evaluation and Engineering Analysis: Provides in-depth engineering analysis and system engineering support for evaluating proposed design changes to M270 and High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) launchers. Offers recommendations to enhance system performance and compliance, alongside drafting programmatic development plans for system upgrades.

Programmatic Support and Strategic Planning

  • Comprehensive Programmatic Support: Facilitates the development, fielding, and upgrade of critical weapon systems, including artillery launchers and munitions. This enhances Warfighter capabilities through strategic planning, communication, and process improvement.
  • Acquisition and Budget Management: Delivers essential support in acquisition programmatic and budget management, critical for the efficient funding and execution of weapon systems projects. Includes developing programmatic plans for GPS M-Code related waivers and integration of advanced systems into field artillery launchers.
  • Risk Management and Compliance: Develops and maintains a robust Risk Management system for proactive identification and mitigation of program risks. Ensures compliance with security regulations to protect sensitive information and maintain operational integrity.

Support Services and Operational Efficiency

  • Technical Documentation, Reporting, and Support for International Programs: Maintains and develops comprehensive technical documentation and reports to support decision-making processes. Assists with Foreign Military Sales and International Programs, fostering global defense cooperation.
  • Direct Support to Warfighter Operations and Enhanced Fielding: Provides on-site logistical and maintenance-engineering support to ensure readiness and operational capabilities of strategic and operational rockets and missiles. Contributes to the enhancement of field performance and sustainability of weapon systems.
  • Strategic Logistics and Advanced Data Management: Engages in strategic logistics planning and implements sophisticated data management and inventory control techniques. This ensures optimal support for future military operations and facilitates rapid deployment.
  • Specialized Training and Life Cycle Support: Offers logistical training support to operational users, promoting proficiency with weapon systems. Engages in life cycle support activities to identify cost reduction opportunities, enhancing the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of military operations.