Doing business with Tec-Masters has never been easier.

Through demonstrated experience, we have found bringing out the best in others is a win-win for everyone involved. This is one of the most important things we can do as a company and as individuals. By empowering those we serve as a leadership organization, we can have an incredibly positive impact on the lives, and the success, of the people with which we partner and collaborate.

Tec-Masters Inc. Mathew Bailey provides instruction to the M119A3 Howitzer Section Chief on the how to properly utilize the Fire Control Computer (FCC) for  processing digital fire mission data received from the Fire Direction Center (FDC)

Tec-Masters headquarters is ISO 9001:2015 certified, Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) for Development Level 3 appraised, Six Sigma and HUBZone certified minority owned Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB). Founded in 1988, TMI has provided innovative, robust, and unsurpassed dedication to training, training development, analysis, experimentation, IT, engineering, logistics support, multimedia, and management services to our client base.


Our North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes are contained in the following sectors:

  • Sector 31 – 33: Manufacturing
  • Sector 42: Wholesale Trade
  • Sector 48-49: Transportation and Warehousing/li>
  • Sector 51: Information
  • Sector 54: Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (*Primary)
  • Sector 56: Administrative and Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services
  • Sector 61: Educational Services
  • Sector 81: Other Services (except Public Administration)

What our Customers think.

“Tec-Masters was highly professional and extremely cooperative in providing exceptional training to transition future work to Techshot personnel, even though Tec-Masters is not engaged in the future work under Techshot. Essentially, Tec-Masters trained their replacement for the PFMI system after developing and operating the system from its inception.”

Portia Keyes, Contract Specialist, Johnson Space Center

“Tec-Masters has performed all tasks on time and within cost. This is commendable considering that the contractor received the PFMI hardware and had to investigate an anomaly to understand what had failed and how to perform the repair, for which they had limited insight before preparing their bid for this Firm Fixed Price task order. In addition, Tec-Masters was highly cooperative in adjusting their schedules to accommodate transition training of Techshot personnel who have the future PFMI system sustaining and MI&O work.”

Portia Keyes, Contract Specialist, Johnson Space Center

“TMI management was extremely responsive to Government requirements and requests for information. TMI could be counted on to get the job done. TMI management simultaneously and effectively coordinated and integrated the various program activities to include fielding, training, field service representative support, supply chain management, technical data, PHS&T, and property management. TMI’s personnel were fully qualified, trained and certified and performed in an exceptional manner. All personnel were retained for the duration of the contract. The collaborative integrated management approach taken by TMI was a great benefit to program execution.”

Michael Bowie, Logistics Management Specialist, USMC

“TMI provided subject matter experts who met or exceeded the qualifications prescribed in the performance work statement. These experts exceeded expectations in quality of work products delivered.”

Pauline Abraham, Contracting Officer, MICC Fort Sill

“TMI performed all effort on schedule and under budget. Their ability to accurately forecast budgets by contract year was exceptional. TMI managed the budget in a manner beneficial to the Government. They often recommended the most economical means to accomplish tasks resulting in cost savings. TMI tracked and projected costs on a monthly basis resulting in low risk for the Government.”

Michael Bowie, Logistics Management Specialist, USMC

“Cost control has been exceptional. TMI and S3 coordinated monthly on cost issues and communicated on technical and contractual issues throughout this period. Any issues are quickly discussed and resolved between the technical elements and contracting elements of TMI and S3. Quarterly reviews with TMI have been highly productive and extremely beneficial in circumventing any cost control issues.”

Jessica Brown, Program Manager, US Army AMCOM

“TMI always met schedule. They demonstrated flexibility and responsiveness even for short fuzed requirements. They proactively worked with the Project Office to ensure that schedules were understood by all stakeholders.”

Michael Bowie, Logistics Management Specialist, USMC

“TMI never missed a timeline. Typically turned in work before the deadline. They were easy to reach and fast to respond to any concerns. They participated fully in all meetings and in-progess reviews.”

Pauline Abraham, Contracting Officer, MICC Fort Sill

“TMI worked diligently to keep open communication with the government to ensure quality of the deliverables was acceptable.”

Pauline Abraham, Contracting Officer, MICC Fort Sill

“TMI has demonstrated the capability to meet all contractual requirements. All CDRLs were delivered on time and complete. TMI has a good grasp of Acquisition Logistics and the Integrated Product Support elements.”

Michael Bowie, Logistics Management Specialist, USMC

“Our successful performance was a result of planning and management of contract requirements. At the end of the program during a general officer briefing the Government Program Manager stated that there was one member of the team that supported the program 100 percent of the time and did what was right for the program and that team member was TMI.”

Wyane Chun, Technical POC, USMC Systems Command

“Working with Tec-Masters’ expert designers and developers was an exciting and pleasurable experience as I watched the transformation of my content into an online multimedia format. Certainly I learned a great deal from their expertise, but at the same time I felt that they were receptive to my ideas and input. Teamwork at its best!”

Claire Bradin Siskin, Project Director, English as a Second Language Writing Online Workshop, Excelsior College

“Tec-Masters is a company that will not only deliver but will support you as a client throughout your process. I worked with Tec-Masters on a three-year project for higher education, and I couldn’t have been happier with their work. They delivered beautiful results, time and time again, and their dedication really makes them stand out. I can’t say enough about the positive experiences I had working with this company!”

Crystal Sands, PhD, Online Writing Lab Director, Excelsior College

Tec-Masters has multiple contract vehicles to enable government customers and industry partners to work with our company and utilize our wide breadth of capabilities. Below you will find some of the mechanisms that allow continued and/or new work with TMI.

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