Tec-Masters is pleased to highlight a significant milestone achieved by GeneCapture, a company we’ve had the honor of mentoring under the DoD Mentor Protégé Program. GeneCapture has successfully secured a patent for the analysis of signals in determining pathogen identification diagnostics. This achievement is a testament to their commitment to advancing the field and the potential of mentorship programs in fostering innovation.

Zac McGee, a dedicated full-time TMI employee and inventor on this patent, has been central to this achievement. As a Chemical Engineer/Research Scientist for GeneCapture, Zac’s expertise and dedication have made a marked difference in this project. It is moments like these that emphasize the caliber of talent we have at Tec-Masters and the impact our members can have in their respective fields.

Dr. Carroll, CEO, Tec-Masters, shared his thoughts on this momentous occasion: “It’s the people behind innovations that truly make a difference. I couldn’t be prouder of GeneCapture and our very own Zac McGee.”

Echoing this sentiment, Richard Chenault, MPP Program Director at Tec-Masters, added, “GeneCapture’s success, with Zac at its core, embodies the essence of what our program aims for. I’m truly inspired and proud.”

In closing, Tec-Masters congratulates GeneCapture on their recent patent award and acknowledges Zac McGee for his significant contributions. We anticipate further advancements and successes in the future, as we continue our support and mentorship endeavors.

The below photo features Zac McGee on the left and Dr. Carroll to the right.