Tec-Masters is proud of our COO, Reggie Spivey, for leading the way at this year’s prestigious 2023 Wernher von Braun Memorial Dinner as the Chair of the National Space Club in Huntsville.

The Wernher von Braun Memorial Dinner, one of the most prestigious events in the aerospace community, unfolded this past October. Also known as the “Space Prom,” the gala event is the climax of the yearly Symposium and serves as the largest fundraiser organized by the Space Club. The evening welcomed local businesses, space enthusiasts, and distinguished guests, all dressed to impress, as they gathered to celebrate and honor key figures in the realm of space exploration.

Recognizing Excellence
A host of awards were presented to individuals and groups contributing to space science and technology. Among the honors were the von Braun Space Flight Trophy, the Astronautics Engineering Award, the Distinguished Science Award, the Communications Award, the Community Service Award, the Aerospace Educator Award, the Dr. Wernher Von Braun Memorial Scholarship, and the National Space Club scholarships. These awards recognize exceptional talent and promise in fields that are paving the way for the future of space exploration.

Distinguished Guests and Organizers
The gala was made even more special with the presence of Reggie Spivey, COO of Tec-Masters and Chair of the National Space Club in Huntsville. Under his leadership, the event has continued to gain traction and importance in the aerospace community. Other notable attendees included Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator; Dr. Marvin Carroll, CEO of Tec-Masters; and Angela Rittenbach, CEO of Riverstone.

Words from the Chair
In a post-event discussion, Reggie Spivey, COO of Tec-Masters and Chair of the National Space Club in Huntsville, summed up the essence of the evening: “Investing in our young minds and fostering innovation today prepares us for the challenges and opportunities of space exploration tomorrow.”

Captured Moments
The attached photographs capture some highlights from the event, featuring Reggie Spivey, Dr. Marvin Carroll, Angela Rittenbach, and Bill Nelson.