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We take great pride in our involvement with our communities
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We work as a family and strive to serve our communities.

The Tec-Masters culture is a rare and unique experience in today’s world. We work as a family. This is one of our greatest differentiators from other companies in today’s marketplace. The fellowship of including everyone distinguishes us in the way our company works in teams.

As a family, we have respect for each other because we have a focus on shared values. We experience a sense of unity and connectedness working at Tec-Masters. Living shared values and working as a family has led to our culture of cohesiveness and business success as we look to give back in our community outreach initiatives.

Tec-Masters is featuring the selfless efforts of the Village of Promise.

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"Village of Promise (VoP) is a Family Advancement Center. We use a two-generational approach in which we guide and support children and their families as they advance out of poverty. Every family develops an individualized family advancement plan focusing on the educational, social-emotional, physical, and professional goals of each family member. VoP’s programs provide sustainable tools, resources, and opportunities for families to advance and give back."

For more information visit Village of Promise

"Village of Promise is a Family Advancement Center. Together, with our community partners and investors, we provide educational programs, sustainable tools and opportunities that empower children and their families to advance out of poverty."

"Each Village of Promise family develops an individualized family advancement plan that addresses four key areas of their lives: Education; Social and Emotional Growth; Physical Health & Wellness; Professional Development."

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