LINC Research Inc.

LINC Research’s technology (co patented with NASA) has the potential to be a total game changer for aviation vibration issues.

Vibration has always been a recurring issue with helicopters – increased maintenance, shorter operating life of aircraft and its components, negative impacts to combat readiness, additional failures, and even crashes. 

PEO Aviation is in the process of upgrading their helicopter fleet.  Specifically, the Block II upgrade for the CH-47 is requiring increased airspeeds to meet Future Vertical Lift requirements. This increased speed will create even higher vibratory loads on the aircraft and is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately.  Not only is addressing this issue important, but also addressing the ongoing vibrational issues that impact all rotary aircraft.

The Disruptive Tuned Mass Damper, or DTM, is a revolutionary passive approach to vibration reduction that out-performs current state-of-the-art vibration suppression methods.  It can be used in both current rotorcraft applications and in Future Vertical Lift applications as well.