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Modeling & Simulation
Modeling Technology Simulation Technology Studies and Analysis


Models come in many forms, and can be relatively simple. A display of the solar system showing the relation of planets and their orbits around the sun is a model. In the combat development process computer models are used to replicate physical processes without the expense of operating equipment or deploying personnel.

In selecting the models to be used, the team may choose a combination of models to get a more realistic picture of system performance and characteristics. Additionally, models are now being used effectively in conjunction with live systems. In such applications, a model may be used to stimulate a radar screen indicating the presence of an enemy target or represent an adjacent unit. The model(s) selected must be sufficiently robust to support the data and scenario requirements of the project.

In an operational test arena, the model may consist of process diagrams showing decision trees, or information acquisition, collection, processing and flow procedures necessary to attack a target. In short, the model provides an easily understood view of what is expected to happen.

FireSim XXI. In 1995 Tec-Masters began to develop a modeling and simulation capability that was based on the need to support the Field Artillery’s modernization effort as it related to the Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) contract that had been awarded in 1992. Since that time the Army has awarded two subsequent SETA contracts (1997 and 2003) to Tec-Masters. A large number of the SETA Task Orders require experience and expertise in with models used by the Army’s analytical community. The majority of the modeling and simulation related support provided by Tec-Masters involves the operation, maintenance and expansion of FireSim XXI -- the Army’s primary model for indirect fires. In addition, Tec-Masters provides critical support to customize FireSim XXI input/output to ensure that it can be used as part of a confederation with other models to accurately reflect the both fires and maneuvers in a battlefield environment.

Tec-Masters also uses other models to support analytical tasks associated with the SETA and other contracts, such as:

  • ArtQuick
  • Genesis

    Modeling & Simulation
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